Wifi Music School

Teacher Resources

How To Get Started

Check out the "How WMS Works" tab for a video tutorial. This video will walk you through signing up for lessons as a student and discuss the application process for becoming a teacher. It will also cover some of the features of the site.

Setting calendar availability

To change availability go to "manage availability" and click on the date on the calendar you want to change to unavailable. The calendar is set automatically to make all dates available. You can mark a single date unavailable, or red, but can also change weekly, bi-weekly, monthly dates you're unavailable.


In the event that a teacher cancels a lesson, the student will receive a credit for the amount they paid. They can then use this credit towards another lesson. 

If a student cancels within 24 hours of the lesson, they will also receive credit. If a student cancels after the 24 hour period, there is no refund, and the teacher will be paid.

Internet Connection

Need to test your internet connection? We recommend using Pingtest.net as the best way to check if your internet connection will work well for the lesson. You will receive a letter grade depending on how good your connection is.